All members will be required to wear a Polar© Heart Rate Monitor during their entire workout.  This will provide useful data regarding your personal fitness achievements.  Osceola Community Wellness & Rehab will be the first wellness facility in the United States with everyone wearing a heart rate monitor.
Polar© Electro, Inc. the maker of the Polar© Heart Monitors has named the Osceola Community Wellness & Rehab a "Medical Model" to demonstrate to the world how heart rate monitors can encourage individuals of all ages to exercise and show them how to best benefit from their exercise.
The Osceola Community Wellness & Rehab Center utilizes these watches in a variety of ways. One in which all the participants in a 5k walk/run wore theses watches so that everyone's heart rate during their run was monitered. Also, the Sibley-Ocheyedan School District requires all students to wear these watches in all their P.E. classes even those that are conducted at the Wellness Center.
Osceola Community Wellness & Rehab Center is a private, non-profit, healthcare organization dedicated to providing wellness and rehabilitation to the citizens of Osceola County and the surrounding areas.
To find more information on how Polar Heart Rate Monitors can help you, go to polarusa.com/.
To find information on how to obtain your Target Heart Rate go to americanheart.org.