“The only way to determine if you are reaching your true potential is through completing an initial baseline assessment and continually measuring your achievements along the way”.

Simply stated, TriFit is a portable mini physiology lab that can be used to determine an individual's current state of health and assess disease risk.  Measurements such as heart rate, blood pressure, body fat, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and more are recorded by the computer and saved to provide baseline data in which future progress can be measured.

Polar© technology is currently being used in over 1,000 facilities including medical centers, corporate wellness programs, health clubs, resorts, schools and universities.  Polar© technology has been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, Time Magazine, News Week Magazine, as well as many other programs and publications.  Polar© is clearly the leader in fitness assessment systems.  Osceola Community Hospital’s Wellness/Rehab Center is proud to offer this valuable service to our members.